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Paracosm Project

The Paracosm project was founded by Sergey Ivancheglo in summer 2018 to make his biggest dream come true: develop a customizable virtual reality platform, where anyone can create their own world with any rules - their personal paracosm.

We are Paracosm!

Our focus


Starting trends of technical evolution is a primary feature of the whole video game industry. The Paracosm project moves faster and dreams bigger - we’ve started a revolution in gaming, so it’s totally natural to use such progressive technologies as VR and AR and other top notch technologies. Our team bravely explores new horizons in development of cross-reality worlds. This is a key factor for the progress of Paracosm platform.


Gamers enjoy adventures in many virtual dimensions - this strongly depends on their playing devices. It’s time to crash the borders between these realities, to unite our gaming feats into one exciting experience. Such dream comes true with the cross-reality feature of Paracosm. Our team builds a common space for adventurers, a wholistic universe for geeks and dreamers.


Protecting virtual characters, lands, or treasures is a part of joyful adventures for gamers. The Paracosm ecosystem allows concentrating on such joyfulness, and the progressive technology of distributed registry takes care of the task to protect accounts, assets, game history. It makes gamers real owners of such meaningful values. You can be sure in safety of your game life in Paracosm - nothing will disappear with no traces, nothing can be changed backdating.


Post Scriptum Paracosm

Post Scriptum is a gothic Cross-Reality game universe, built on the distributed registry technology.

Each item is unique here, everything has its own history and most importantly – value! Create, collect, lead and conquer. Every action is meaningful, whether it’s real or virtual. Your in-game progress will be written to the world’s history. Your activity will give an extra value to your assets collection!

Paracosm KEY

Paraсosm KEY is a primary feature and unifying factor for the Post Scriptum universe and the entire Paracosm Platform. It’s One Key to rule them all – Paracosm KEY contains a unique cross-platform ID that records data about player’s history and every of their real and virtual assets.

Paracosm KEY unlocks your gaming multiverse. It’s:

  • Your in-game personality in one token;
  • Personal assets and their history in a distributed registry;
  • A souvenir with real value.

Our games

To bring the concept of cross-reality to life and explore the possibilities of the assets migration from the real world to the virtual one and vice versa, we are developing three games in the Post Scriptum Universe right now:

  • Multiplayer RPG,
  • Online Collectible Token Game,
  • Collectible Token Wargame.
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IOTA Roots

The Paracosm project was conceived by a highly experienced group of IT, DRT, and game evangelists.
We have deep roots in DRT and IT industries with a unique product – IOTA: the first open-source distributed registry that powers up the future for the Internet of Things with feeless microtransactions and data integrity for machines.
Today, with our huge expertise, technical “know hows”, and a dedicated team, we’re moving forward to our evergreen passion – game development on the edge of innovations.



Sergey Ivancheglo


IOTA co-founder, has a big record of
successful projects. Sergey created Nxt before
co-founding IOTA, one of the first projects
to go beyond the focus of traditional blockchain
functionality. He is the first one to implement
full Proof-of-Stake.

Pavel Shlapak

CEO & Founder

Top manager and IT consultant with
more than 15 years of expertise in
developing projects around the world.