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A place for publishers to share their games and
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Caer Sidi

A power that connects virtual worlds on the
platform and makes possible various
interactions between them.

Post Scriptum

RPG and CTG.

We actively cooperate with 3rd-party developers, giving tools for adding their games to the platform and connecting them to the service.

Paracosm LTD is part of a group of companies that works on Paracosm Project

Paracosm LTD is the owner of two
products Post Scriptum RPG and
Post Scriptum CTG

Post Scriptum RPG

Adventures in a vast post-apocalyptic world with the possibility to create characters and develop them in a unique way.

Post Scriptum CTG

A collectible token game on the base of the same post-apocalyptic world. Players create their armies of tokens and battle each other on the game board.

Paracosm LTD is part of a
group of companies that
works on Paracosm Project.


The first game of Post Scriptum is out now

Everything started from a fun joke of a simple logger. He took a piece of wood, placed it on a stump and roared: “What’s your order, my king?”, imagining a figurine. His friends got the idea immediately and took their own playing pieces. Soon, the whole community became obsessed with this new game. The rules were settled, the set of figurines were expanded, and all the game attributes got their prettier forms.

That game survived the apocalypse in the Post Scriptum paracosm. It even reached our faraway universe – Paracosm Project is proud to present the alpha version of Post Scriptum CTG.

CTG: entry point to the Post Scriptum paracosm

Quality standards in modern gaming have reached quite a high level – the community of players is very demanded to scales of virtual worlds, visual effects, and various little details of gameplay mechanics. To follow these standards and to implement the innovative ideas of our Post Scriptum MMORPG, we made a decision to take enough time for the development process. We act according to that plan, preparing alpha-version for the end of 2019.

Still, we won’t leave you, guys, without Post Scriptum games till that time. We feel your sincere interest in this post-apocalyptic world, and to satisfy it, we are going to release a collectible token game, based on the Post Scriptum paracosm.

Parma of Post Scriptum – a Shelter in Chaos

There is a place in the world of Post Scriptum, where various life forms weren’t totally destroyed during the massive catastrophes of the apocalypse. This location is Parma, and it lays around the town with the same name – or rather around its ruins.

We are glad to share with you, guys, some interesting information about our virtual Parma – this is another glimpse at the upcoming role-playing game.

CTG of Post Scriptum: Preview

The world of Post Scriptum is vast and multi-dimensional. It’s a place for amazing adventures of our upcoming MMORPG – inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic environment try to survive and reach some personal goals of their kinds. Our collectible token game is also based on the Post Scriptum paracosm. Virtual creatures appear here in the form of playing tokens, battling strictly on the game board, where mind power of players is an ultimate might.

Let’s take a closer look at the Post Scriptum CTG in this preview.

World of Post Scriptum

Appearing in a new virtual world is a super exciting experience for enthusiastic gamers. We become explorers of a new dimension, brave adventurers in an unknown layer of reality.

The world of Post Scriptum is a place under construction. Digital objects should get their forms and colors, should bloom with their virtual features and wake to the cross-reality life. That is a lot of technical and creative work, so our team is totally busy with it. Still, this world is not a formless cluster of nothingness. Post Scriptum Paracosm already has a thought-out structure, fascinating story. And we can delve into it right now, nourishing our imagination.

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